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Development history

Development history

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In December 2015, the company was changed from a limited liability company to a Limited by Share Ltd, and the name of the company was changed to "Hunan golden carbon carbon Limited by Share Ltd".
In January 2015, the company successfully passed the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system.
In December 2014, the company has been independent research and development of carbon / carbon composite material for the invention patent and 79 utility model patents in recent years, including 3 PCT international patents. 68 items have been authorized, including 44 utility models, 23 invention patents and 1 Korean patents.
In November 2014, the company was selected as the key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan.
In November 2012, the company once again passed the national high-tech enterprise.
In 2012, the company was selected as the key project of the innovation fund of Ministry of science and technology in 2012.
In 2012, it took the company as the main body to undertake the key technology research project on the preparation of carbon fiber carbon / carbon composites made in China's high technology research and development plan (863 plan).
In 2011, the company set up the C/C composite material low cost preparation technology Hunan Engineering Research Center.
In 2011, the company assumed the major scientific and technological achievements transformation project of Hunan's strategic emerging industries, and the national development and Reform Commission's key industry revitalization and technological transformation project.
In December 2010, the company was selected as the key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program of the Ministry of science and technology.
On ~17 October 15, 2010, the "training class of fourth batch of intellectual property advantage cultivation enterprises and pilot units of small and medium enterprises in Hunan province", chaired by the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau, was opened at the Hunan University law school. KBC was trained as the fourth batch of intellectual property rights fostering enterprises and was awarded by the Intellectual Property Office of Hunan province. Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Advantage Cultivation Enterprise "Certificate.
In July 2009, the company once again affirmed through high-tech enterprises.
In June 2009, the company has studied and developed 25 items of invention patents and utility model patents for carbon / carbon composites in recent years, of which 2 PCT international patents have been authorized in 15 items.
In February 2009, the project of "high - size, high performance carbon fiber composite crucible for high technology industrialization demonstration project" was included in the national development and Reform Commission's high technology industry development project plan and the national fund subsidy program.
In November 2008, carbon / carbon composite crucible of monocrystalline silicon drawing furnace was included in the "National Torch Program".
In November 2008, the energy saving and environment-friendly carbon / carbon composite crucible was awarded the "national key new product" honorary title.
In April 2008, the high performance large size carbon fiber composite crucible and its preparation technology were identified through scientific and technological achievements.
In December 2007, the company was renamed the Mstar Technology Ltd Hunan composite Mstar Technology Ltd.
In April 15, 2007, Mei Kebao, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and Li Jian, Secretary of the Party committee of Central South University, visited the company.
In October 22, 2006, Li Jianglai, Secretary of the provincial political and Law Commission, inspected the company.
In August 5, 2006, at the Yiyang science and technology conference, the general manager of the company was awarded the title of "Yiyang outstanding expert".
In the afternoon of April 2, 2006, Zhang Chunxian, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, visited the site and listened to the detailed report of the general manager of the company and affirmed the prospect of the company's development.
On March 30, 2006, Hu Biao, chairman of the provincial CPPCC, visited the site.
On the morning of January 11, 2006, Huang Jianguo, Vice Minister of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee and vice governor He Tongxin, accompanied by the mayor Liu Guoxiang and the director Chen Youcai of the high and new zone, visited the construction site to understand the project and the progress of the project.
In November 13, 2005, general Liu Zhenwu, commander of the Guangzhou military region, and Zhou Bohua, the governor of Hunan Province, visited hi-tech zones, pointing out that the new material industry has a broad market prospect, and the enterprises in the region are encouraged to contribute to the revitalization of Yiyang's economy and the revitalization of Hunan. Liao Jiqiao, the general manager of the company, took part in the symposium.
In October 25, 2005, Beijing world standard certification center Hunan branch of the company ISO9001 quality management system for the first trial, in November 29, 2005 to obtain certification registration.
In September 2005, construction was formally started.
At 11:28 on August 22, 2005, at 11:28 a.m., the company held the foundation ceremony of "advanced composite material preparation industrialization project", Huang Boyun, director Wang Kemin of the provincial science and Technology Department, vice president Qiu Guanzhou of Central South University, Xu Jianjun, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Party committee of Central South University, Jiang Zuobin of Yiyang municipal Party committee, and the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Director Wu Jianguo and other provincial and municipal leaders and heads of various functional departments of the Yiyang Municipal Government participated in the foundation laying ceremony.
In June 6, 2005, the company registered for business registration.